Nun walks the red carpet at the Oscars ceremony

Mother Delores Hart made a dramatic return to Hollywood in her habit to attend the Academy Awards, for again starring in an Oscar award-winning film.
Having left Tinseltown in 1963 to pursue a life as a Benedictine Nun, the 73-year-old previously featured in films with the likes of Elvis Presley and George Hamilton.
Mother Delores was in fact the first recipient of Elvis’ first on-screen kiss in the 1957 film Loving You.
Though barely audible against the screaming crowd at the red carpet, she said: “It’s absolutely an extraordinary event. Believe me; this is very different than being in the monastery.”
The 84th Academy Awards-nominated film is called God is the Bigger Elvis, and allows a rare insight into the Abbey of Regina Laudis where she and 35 other nuns chant in Latin, pray seven times a day and eat in silence.
Whereas visitors are normally kept behind a grille, their cloistered life is here exposed, with prayers beginning at 1:50am.
When asked how she could go from kissing Elvis to becoming a nun, she answered: “How much closer to Heaven can you get?”
She said she believed he would have been very happy with her nomination.
Before joining the order, Mother Delores was engaged to a Los Angeles businessman, Don Robinson.
Although they never married each other, Mr Robinson visited Mother Delores at the Abbey once a year for 47 years, and the two vowed to always love each other.

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