Chauffeurs ‘should be paid more’

Bishops have a ‘moral imperative’ to pay their chauffeurs more, MPs heard last week.
After voting against the Welfare Reform Act in a bid to ensure those who are not working receive more than £26,000, David Davis MP said these drivers should therefore be paid accordingly.
There are currently 19 chauffeurs working for the 26 Lords Spirituals, collectively earning £352,719 — an average of £18,500.
A Church spokesperson said this allows clerics to make the best use of their time.
The Conservative MP however, Second Church Estates Commissioner Tony Baldry, said the Bishops were not voting for the abolition of the cap, but for the exemption of child benefit.
Mr Baldry added: “I suspect that all independent-minded Members of this House, wherever we sit, would think that from time to time it is no bad thing for the Lords Spiritual to rattle a few cages?”
A Church spokesperson later said the chauffeurs also receive assistance with bills and accommodation, ‘so their basic salary is not the full story.’

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