Tony Blair’s outreach on film

THE TONY BLAIR Faith Foundation has called for young filmmakers to enter its annual Film Shorts film competition.
Young people aged between 14 and 27 can submit a short film showing how faith makes a difference to their lives and to the lives of those around them.
An aim of the competition is to counter the false perception that religion is the biggest source of conflict in the world today.
Last year’s winner was a group of Canadian Baha’i rappers who produced a video urging young people to be agents of transformation and social change.
From Britain a Muslim high school student worked with her class to explore the true meaning of Islam.
The panel of judges for the competition includes Tony Blair and actors Dawn French, Jet Li and Hugh Jackman.
In a statement Tony Blair said: “More than ever before filmmaking has the power to extend the reach of religious ideas to new horizons. But film also has the power to shape public perceptions on religious traditions.
“Films that feature faith often focus on religious conflict and division, leaving out decisions about whether to be open- or closed-minded about difference. It is my hope that this competition continues to nurture a generation of young people who embrace and respect difference rather than fear it.”

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