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Don’t say that the BBC takes no interest in Christianity. Radio Four has “scheduled” a “major” “debate”:


“Christianity at a Crossroads?
A BBC Radio 4 panel discussion in partnership with
Monday 18th March, 6.15 for 6.45pm
Westminster Central Hall
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 “As we approach a historic week in the history of Christianity, with both the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches celebrating the installation of new leaders, the panel discussion, chaired by John Humphrys, will consider whether the internal and external crises facing the churches are too serious to overcome, or too good to waste. Can the new Pope and Archbishop not only heal the rifts within their own churches but also find ways to speak meaningfully to societies that no longer automatically see them as moral authorities? Have these churches got anything to say to a culture that is unprecedentedly diverse and more secular than before? And is anyone still listening?”

Another show trial. A meeting chaired by a non-believer with the assistance of a “liberal” – ie non-believing – organisation named (without irony) “Theos.” In case you’re thinking of applying for a ticket, let me provide, translated into BBC-Speak the…

Outline Agenda

(1) Can the Roman Catholic Church “detoxify” itself and restore its “credibility” in the “wake” of the recent sex scandal involving one of its “leading” cardinals and at last “fall into line” with chattering-class thinking?

(2) After two of the most “conservative” (ie “disastrous” – ed) popes in history, is it time for a “fresher” approach, perhaps from a “modernising” pope elected by a more “democratic” procedure and coming from the “Third World?”

(3) How can the Church of England shed its “prejudiced” past and make itself more “credible” and “accessible” to the “progressive”, secular ideals of the population in general especially concerning women bishops?

(4) Is this a “final opportunity” for both churches to get “totally rid” of the bigoted, primitive types who actually believe the faith and are still to be found in its pews and (unfortunately) among the lay representatives in General Synod?

The future of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church will be settled by a show of hands among the “studio-audience.” But you can have YOUR say by following the “debate” on Twitter, Tweet, Facebook and other “social-networking media” in our present New Babel etc ad nauseam

 PS The BBC apologises for this elitist use of a dead language. Translated for those of our “underprivileged” listeners with “learning difficulties” etc ad nauseam means “and the usual rubbish, until you’re sick to the back teeth”