Shocking Revelations

Billy-GrahamAmerica’s Pastor, historian Grant Wacker’s assessment of the long career of Billy Graham, is to be published at the end of November by Harvard University Press. It is a highly readable study of how ‘a lanky farm kid from North Carolina’ was to have such a major impact on American culture. More an academic interpretation of Graham’s life than a straightforward biography it does contain revelations that will shock some readers. No. There are no scandals concerning sex or money. Graham’s life is refreshingly free of the kind of the dark clouds that have hung over some evangelists. His non-evangelical critics have mainly concentrated on his close links with a number of US Presidents, especially Richard Nixon. They will find material to support their case here although Wacker reveals the President Graham was probably closest to was Lyndon Johnson. But the really shocking revelation, that will confirm the worst fears of critics among the fundamentalists at Bob Jones University and elsewhere, is that Graham told one reporter that if he was starting over again he would be ‘an evangelical Anglican’. He once told veteran journalist Kenneth Woodward he saw ‘spiritual beauty in Anglican order’. Leighton Ford has revealed in an email to Wacker that Graham has asked Richard Bewes, former Rector of All Souls, Langham Place, to help officiate at his funeral service.

5 Responses to "Shocking Revelations"

  1. Rev John Nuzum   06/09/2014 at 00:32

    I am glad to hear The Rev Graham would be an evangelical Anglican Christian. A good choice!

  2. Barry Leonard   06/09/2014 at 07:39

    “Give Me That Old Time Religion!”
    “That Ancient Faith, Transforming Lives For Today and For Eternity!”

    If It’s Good Enough For Billy, Then It Definitely Is Good Enough For Me!

    Barry Leonard
    Anglican Evangelist

  3. David   08/09/2014 at 17:50

    Really does not shock me that with age & reflection Mr. Graham now grasps some old wisdom in Ritual and Sacrament. It become increasingly instinctive to pious aging disciples of Christ like Mr. Graham.

    What is a pity (and potentially shocking)is that Mr. Graham has likely never had occasion to ponder and reflect on the Liturgy and Sacrament of the Orthodox Church…for say 6-8 mths of tutored reading and attending. Like most curious Protestants when ‘discover-liturgy’, they latch on the first beautiful thing they see — and never allow themselves to be exposed to the original Ancient Church of the Apostles. Thankfully, some former Anglican Priests DO! 😉

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