Win an Acquablend Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

An Aquablend bottle like this could be yours
An Aquablend bottle like this could be yours

If travelling on pilgrimage abroad, with a church group visiting, say, one of our great cathedrals, or just going on a long journey, have a bottle of water handy. Especially in hot weather, as dehydration can lead to quite serious effects. Thirst is nature’s danger signal.

When the normal water content of the body is reduced, it upsets the balance of minerals in the body, and can induce tiredness and a lack of concentration. Now there’s a way of adding vitamins and delicious flavours from the fresh fruit of your choice. Popular in the USA, a special bottle in which to do this, is now available to order online in the UK. The name is Acquablend.

Made from a clear purified and robust material, inside there’s a fruit infuser compartment. Cut up the fruit you choose, and place inside. Fill up with water, and the fruit juices will infuse into the water. Depending on the fruit, the time this takes varies: citrus, around half an hour.

To learn more about Acquablend, access the website

Acquablend UK is generously offering to six CEN readers a draw with the opportunity for each to acquire one of the largest capacity bottles in their range, the Premium 900ml Jumbo Fruit Infuser water bottles.

To enter, simply e-mail your name and contact details to, or by post to us at 14 Great College Street, London SW1P 3RX. The names received by 28 April will then be placed for a draw, and the six winners will be notified.