Gender pay gap revealed

A GENDER pay gap report of the National Church Institutions has revealed a £13,172 annual pay increase ‘in favour of men over women’.

While the median salary for men working for the National Institutions of the Church of England, which includes the Pensions Board, the Archbishops’ Council andLambeth Palace, is £45,072, the female gender pay is £31,900, a disparity of £13,172 — or 41 per cent ‘in favour of men over women’.

A separate set of performance figures for the 31 members of staff employed by the Church Commissioners under the NCI’s Investments departments, reveals median earnings of £70,000 per annum, with a £2,500 (4 per cent) gap in favour of men over women.

Among non-salaried related payments made to Investments staff, which includes bonuses, the median bonus pay for men is at £10,150 and £4,475 for women.

A spokesman for the Church of England said the figures show that “the pay difference for nearly three-quarters of our staff is less than one per cent, and for half of staff there is no gap in pay between men and women.

“However, the data also shows where we have more work to do in reducing the difference in pay between men and women in more highly paid roles, and improving the ratio of men to women in the most senior and most junior roles.”

“Revd Anne Stevens, Vice Chair of WATCH told the Church of England Newspaper: “Although the Church of England negotiated some exemptions from the requirements of the Equality Act back in 2010, it has never been exempt from the legal obligation to offer women and men equal pay for equal work.

“We urge Church House and the Church Commissioners to conduct an urgent review of their pay structures and appointment practices, and to correct any irregularities immediately. “