In this week’s edition…

We lead this week’s edition with coverage from the opening sessions of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) as it began its strand looking at the Diocese of Chichester. There were a number of issues raised by counsel about Anglican practices. Andrew Carey also reflects on the hearings in his column.


And on the front page we report on a service to mark the 50th anniversary of the Kaleidoscope charity, which has had an important ministry working with people affected by substance misuse.


Inside we report on a call form the Just Finance Foundation that wants to see financial education made compulsory in the classroom. The group, backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, fears that sex and relationships education will overshadow all other subjects in the PSHE curriculum.


And with Brexit edging closer, Christians on the Left have called for new economic reforms. The Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner, will make the call next week as she speaks at the group’s annual Tawney Lecture in London.


While IICSA began its work on the diocese of Chichester this week, it has just completed its work on child migrants, and following that report, the Church of England issued an apology. We report on that this week on page 4. And also on that page we report on the funeral of Billy Graham last week.


On our comment pages we reflect on the baptism of Meghan Markle while Peter Brierley looks at the question of nominalism.


David Banting looks back on 25 years of the Reform movement, soon to be merged into Church Society. USPG report on an innovative project helping mothers with HIV to deliver healthy babies. And Savi Hensman looks at the latest document from the Church of England Evangelical Council.


And on International Women’s Day Sara Willcocks celebrates the remarkable impact of one ‘ordinary woman’.