Bible Society fined for failing to prevent hackers

The Christian charity Bible Society has been fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to prevent a cyber attack on its computer network.

The data leak in 2016 meant that hackers were able to access details of 417,000 supporters, including their payment card and bank account details.

The Swindon-based charity said: “”Following the hack, we immediately contacted any supporters whose data might have been at risk, giving support and advice on what to do next.

“We have also worked closely with the Information Commissioner’s Office over the last 16 months and cooperated fully with them in their inquiry.

“No supporters reported that their accounts had been breached and there is no evidence of any material effect on supporters.

“We remain vigilant regarding cyber security threats and have taken all possible steps to ensure that the risk of a future breach is minimised.

“Payment of the £80,000 fine (following a 20 per cent discount) will not divert any supporter donations away from our mission. We generate funds in a number of different ways, including sales and investments.”