This week’s edition

We lead this week with the historic summit in Singapore between the American President and the leader of North Korea. During his press conference afterwards, President Trump revealed that the plight of Christians there had been brought up during their meeting. We have more on that on the front page.


Inside we report on debates over the Diocese of Lichfield’s inclusive policy. The Bishop of Maidstone has expressed some concern, but others have questioned his views. And we report on the progress of a major document on the doctrine of Justification, which was agreed in 1999 that brought unity in the Churches after the split at the Reformation on the doctrine.


Could homelessness be eradicated? That is the hope of a new policy document hailed by the Archbishop of Canterbury this week. And we also report on Canon Andrew White, who has been cleared of charges that he paid ISIS to rescue victims of human trafficking. And we also report on a new translation of the Bible that is on the way…


On our feature pages we look at foreign aid and Lord Williams says that aid is a Christian duty, and argues that Christians don’t believe that charity ends at home.


One of the most talked about photographs of the week came out of the G7 summit in Canada, and in his column Andrew Carey comments on the picture featuring President Trump and the other world leaders, focusing on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


We also hear from General Synod member Jayne Ozanne who is publishing her autobiography this week, Paul Richardson reviews the new book from Bart Ehrman and Brian Cooper explores the new collection, Splendours of the Subcontinent, which opened this week at the Queen’s Gallery and Buckingham Palace.