This week’s edition

This week we congratulate all those who have been ordained this Petertide season. We have a huge supplement this week with news of all the ordinations from every diocese.


In our news section we lead with the Government’s announcement of its plans to outlaw ‘conversion therapy’, whereby gay people are offered ‘therapy’ to change their sexual orientation. As we note, this comes after General Synod’s vote last July for the controversial practice to be made illegal.


After targeting car washes thought to be centres of human trafficking, the Diocese of Rochester has found a new target. This week they signed up to a new charter to identify and prosecute loan sharks.


In other news we report on calls for the Church’s investment bodies to withdraw from fossil fuel companies and the Supreme Court rules that civil partnerships cannot be restricted to same-sex couples. We also note the inclusion of Anglican Mainstream in a new book celebrating 100 years since universal suffrage.


Tim Livesey from Embrace the Middle East reports on what his organsation told members of Parliament about the status of Christians in the region. And we reflect on the Prime Minister’s intention to renew politics in the UK.


Alongside the Petertide ordinations, there is a lot to read this week. Anne Stevens of WATCH questions the use of the term ‘glass ceiling’ while Peter Brierley writes about the way the Office for National Statistics complies their figures on the state of marriage in the UK.


Andrew Carey looks at that decision by the Supreme Court on civil partnerships and Savi Hensman offers a Christian perspective on Donald Trump’s hardline approach to immigration. Paul Richardson reviews an important new book on Chinese contributions to theology and Janey Lee Grace gets tips on living well from Coronation Street actor William Roache.