This week’s edition

We lead this week with the announcement of £27 million in grants to help establish more than 100 new churches up and down the country. Some of these will be ‘fresh expressions’, some will be aimed at younger people while others will help to grow existing initiatives. The money will be focused on coastal areas, market towns and outer urban housing estates. You can find out more and which of the dioceses will benefit.


Also on the front page we report on the new ‘Peace at the Crease’ initiative from the Commonwealth that hopes to build strong inter-faith relations through the playing of cricket. And we report on the recent roundtable at Lambeth Palace designed to boost Anglican-Orthodox links.


Inside we have several reports from last weekend’s meeting of General Synod in York. And there is also news of the consecration of three bishops, a call for a new religious freedom law and how scarecrows helped one church’s mission action plan.


On our leader page Alan Storkey says that we must protect the UN from the USA, and we hear about the way ahead for the Mothers’ Union. We interview Lord Baker, for the former Home Secretary (among other notable roles) about his new book on the Seven Deadly Sins. Andy Frost writes about his new book and explains the thinking behind his new YouTube video series ‘The Adventures of the Ginger Vicar and the Balding Vicar’.


Andrew Carey reflects on the political crisis over Brexit that led to the resignation of two Cabinet ministers earlier in the week. And Peter Mullen writes about the recent Court of Appeal ruling on euthanasia. We have a round-up of the latest Christian books and Janey Lee Grace selects some books that are ideal summer reading.