Review: Eugenius – This superhero musical has terrific spirit!

Eugenius ★★★★★

By Peter May

Everybody’s favourite Ewok, Warwick Davies produces this upbeat musical about superheroes and here it returns for a second run after a smash hit premiere earlier this year. Written by 90’s pop star Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins (who wrote the book, music and lyrics), the show has also cannily roped in voice cameos from Brian Blessed and Mark Hamill as well.

It follows geeky comic book obsessed teenager Eugene whose own comic book creation Tough Man is turned into a Hollywood film. The show digs into comic book stereotypes of buff white men saving the day and winning the scantily clad women.  This muscle-bound prodigy travels through the universe with his sidekick, Super Hot Lady, but there is one chink in his armour. His powers are weakened if he touches a woman.

There’s a sci-fi twist that adds to the story too. Tough Man has a wicked blood brother, the Evil Lord Hector, brilliantly performed by Ex-Eastender Neil McDermott, who (because of a prophecy) was sent off in lonely exile in a space ship as baby and is now roaming the galaxy in quest of his sibling on whom he plans to wreak revenge on.

Judging by the number of audience members wearing their Eugenius merchandise, this show has already garnered quite the fan base. It certainly has a pretty good score with some catchy eighties style numbers. “You already need to see it again” shouts the jokily strong-arm publicity for Eugenius!, billed as “the eunique musical”. I must admit I am tempted to see it again too.

Until 7 October