This week’s edition

We lead this week with the new report into the teaching of RE in our schools. A great deal has changed since the days of Religious Instruction, but what do you think of proposals to change it to ‘Religion and Worldviews’? Inside we also report on new research that suggests that a child’s Christian upbringing is more important for academic success than simply attending a church school.


We also report on the protests against the forthcoming mission of Franklin Graham to Blackpool. Some MPs have complained about his statements and now the Muslin Council of Britain want him to be banned from the country for remarks they say are Islamophobic.


Inside we report on the latest British Social Attitudes Survey that contains bad news for the Church of England. Andrew Carey has some observations on the research in his column this week.


We also hear from Lord Sacks on his recent radio series on modern morality while a Christian organization is asking the Girl Guides to drop their training programme that is run in cooperation with the Army.


In other news we report on the parish that a new patron for its choral foundation, is none other than music superstar Ed Sheeran. We also report on calls for Christians here to help Christians in Iraq return home after the devastation caused by the so-called Islamic State.


On our comment pages we review the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comments last week on the current economic situation in the UK while Andrew Symes reflects on the rise of a new wave of philosophers. We have a special feature on the importance of legacies for Christian charities and we reveal how a famous book, Flower Fairies, is still funding mission today.


Also this week we review the latest Christian books, Steve Parish reviews the new film The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Janey Lee Grace celebrates some of the winners at the Go Organic show last week.