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From Good News To Gospels

David Wenham

Eerdmans, pb, £16

David Wenham is one of the leading theologians in the Church of England. He has lectured at Trinity College, Bristol and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. All of his writings are worth a look.

In this latest volume he explores the period between the death and resurrection of Jesus to the point where the first Gospels were written. Hence the title. He acknowledges that this has rarely been addressed by theologians, but it raises an important question. Namely: if the Gospels were not written until at least 50CE, what were believers taught until then?

The answer revolves around the ‘oral tradition’. In other words, stories circulated and the Gospel message was shared widely. Later, it was written down, and we have those Gospels in our Bible today. It is this oral tradition that Wenham addresses in this important book. But can we be confident that what we have in our Gospels today reflects the truth, or was it changed over time?

A must read for every student of the Bible.

Judy West


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