Review: Tap Dogs ★★★

By Peter May


Tap suggests a light touch however that isn’t exactly what Tap Dogs offers. It is high energy throughout and includes a talented cast of six male tap dancers. They all work their way through some incredibly complex tap skills guaranteed to leave the audience in awe.  When they start tapping, it’s not so much to dance as to make lots of noise, show off, have a laugh, or outdo each other, and every over amplified rat-a-tat routine is accompanied by joshing shoves and kicks, yelps of “oi!” and “yeaaargh”.

Originally formed in Australia in 1995 and winners of 15 international awards, Dein Perry’s heavy-footed hit, returns to the UK for a run at the Peacock Theatre.

The set is designed like a construction site, mostly minimal, mostly dark, but as the show progresses, there are stunning visual elements. The dancers interact with the deconstructed set in both solo acts and ensembles, most notably with basket balls and a waterlogged scaffold upon which the thunderous tapping culminates in dancing on the ceiling. Memorable moments include upside down tap dancing, tapping on metal girders and even in water. The stunts are fun to watch and the footwork is impressive, its clear to see the men are in sync with each other and not just cast mates but actual mates too.

There are also two female onstage musicians who are the perfect balance to the high testosterone packed show.

Dance shows can be a tough sell, especially those that are strictly tap dancing shows. Luckily for them, Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs is far from an ordinary dance show.

Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs is showing at the Peacock Theatre until 10th November 2018. For more info or to book tickets, please visit the website.