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We lead this week with a fresh attempt by the churches to tackle the growing threat of knife crime. Churches Together in England originally launched their campaign a decade ago, but they have made a new bid to deal with the issue.


A row has been brewing in Wakefield where the authorities at the Cathedral were reluctant to publish the names of clergy presiding at Eucharist. But a review by Sir William Fittall has ruled that the names must be published in good time, to allow those who feel they cannot recognize the ministry of women time to decide whether or not to attend services.


In the middle of Lent we are all used to the idea of giving up things, but the Communion’s Environment Network is calling on Anglicans to give up plastics for the 40-day observation.


Also on our news pages we report on the release of the family of a priest who was murdered in Nigeria, an American diocese rushes aid to those hit by a devastating tornado in Alabama and Christian Aid has responded to a report by MPs into the forced displacement of people in Africa.


Alan Storkey writes about the ‘central issue of Brexit’ while in our leader column we reflect on the challenge of the knife crisis in modern society. We have a special report this week on training for the clergy and how the theological colleges are taking on the challenges of the national Church.


Our interview this week is with Peter Stanford, the former editor of the Catholic Herald, who has been exploring the subject of angels. Andrew Carey writes about the deaths of Lord Habgood and Dr Michael Green, while Bob Mayo explains why a Christian outreach to prisons is essential.


And as St Patrick’s Day approaches, Paul Richardson reviews a new book that sheds light on the Patron Saint of Ireland. Steve Parish reviews a new film that raises biblical themes in the classroom and Derek Walker reviews the latest album from Switchfoot after a brief hiatus.

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