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  1. Rev. Paul Harris   08/03/2017 at 22:16

    Letter to be considered for publication:

    With regards to the on-going debates on homosexual relationships within the C of E, I am of the opinion that any pronouncements that the General Synod make are irrelevant to the vast majority of young people in the UK. Most young people’s views on sexuality are now governed by what they are taught at state school, which is not biblically-based, or from social media where it is not regarded as sinful but a life choice. Their minds are already set and any doctrinal opinions by out-of-touch, high ranking clerics will be ignored. The UK is fast becoming secularised, Islamic and host of other belief systems. The bishops, clergy and their parishioners need to urgently get out into the urban streets of the UK’s towns and cities to do much needed missionary work for Christ instead of this endless obsession with homosexual legislation. In 30 years time when the bishops have finally come to a conclusive statement on what the Church of England’s views are on homosexuality, there will be very few adherents left in this country!

    Rev. Paul Harris MA Maes-yr-Haf, 4 Penllain, Penparc, Cardigan, Wales, SA43 1RJ.
    Tel 01239-571082


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