Sunday Service

4th Sunday of Easter — Sunday 7 May 2017   Acts 2:42-47 1 Peter 2:19-25 John 10:1-10   We are working our way through 1 Peter in the Lectionary until Pentecost. This Sunday we come to Peter’s exhortation to endure suffering in the footsteps of our shepherd. This middle section of 1 Peter is all […]

The spiritual director

By the Rev Dr Liz Hoare Easter reminds us year on year of the joyous heart of the Christian faith: Christ is risen, Allelujah. As we revisit and re-member the Passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, many of us will recall moments in our lives when God has brought newness of life to […]

Simple friendship offered to all: the church’s role

The young royals have been gaining headlines recently with their support for the mental health awareness campaigns now being waged. Their sponsorship of the umbrella charity ‘Heads Together’ has been effective in getting the issue of mental health problems into the public forum, raising awareness of such issues, tackling stigma attached to sufferers and pointing […]

It’s all in the image

It’s all in the image

Peter Mullen   What is the first reaction of so many people when they find themselves in the vicinity of a terrorist attack? Why, they take photographs of it of course. Then they post the pics on Facebook for the benefit of all their creepy, prurient friends. So in the aftermath of the recent atrocity […]

What does this say about the future for evangelicals?

What does this say about the future for evangelicals?

Andrew Carey   It is becoming impossible for a socially and morally conservative Christian to do anything other than keep his or her faith private and secret if they hope to enter high-profile public service. In future a high-profile corporate role may also become impossible for an evangelical or Catholic. There have been numerous examples […]

Gafcon prepares for Scottish vote

THE IMPENDING vote on same-sex marriage by the Scottish Episcopal Church has caused conservative group Gafcon to arrange ‘alternative oversight’ for traditionalists in the UK. Gafcon Archbishops are said to be discussing plans for the appointment of a new ‘missionary’ bishop during a five-day meeting in Lagos set to run through until today(Friday). A Gafcon […]

Church in Wales is urged to become a ‘Jesus movement’

Church in Wales is urged to become a ‘Jesus movement’

“WE NEED to become, afresh, a Jesus movement,” said the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon. In his Presidential address to members of the Church’s Governing Body ahead of their two-day meeting this week, the Rt Rev John Davies urged the Church in Wales to put evangelism at the heart of its ministry. Speaking to the […]

Kirk’s Balfour report declared ‘woefully inadequate’

THE PRESIDENT of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jonathan Arkush, has criticised a Church of Scotland report that marks the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. The report, produced by the Church and Society Council and World Mission Council, explores the significance of the letter as an important moment for those living in Palestine […]

Ahead of the general election, parties ‘remain committed’ to aid budget

ALL LEADINGUK political parties have committed to maintaining the spending of 0.7 per cent of GDP on aid. The announcement comes after UK Prime Minister, Theresa May confirmed that the aid budget ‘will remain’, after speculation it would be dropped from the Conservative manifesto following her non-committal stance to the spending pledge during Prime Minister’s […]

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