Bishops’ teaching document expected by the end of 2019

ISSUES OF human sexuality will dominate next month’s General Synod with plans for the proposed House of Bishop’s Teaching Document being explained on the morning of 8 July. Following the vote at the February Synod where a House of Bishops report was rejected, the two Primates promised to create a new Pastoral Advisory Group and […]

Last-minute change to General Synod agenda

NEITHER THE appointment of a Gafcon bishop, nor the consecration of the Curate at Jesmond Parish Church, were deemed sufficiently important for the agenda of next month’s General Synod to be altered. However, the Secretary General. William Nye, said today that the four-day event at York University will be amended to include a debate on […]

Wit and pathos in a serious film

Wit and pathos in a serious film

Review by the Rev Steve Parish Gifted (cert. 12A) is a fine drama about a child genius being brought up by her uncle in a Massachusetts fishing town, ending in a tug-of-talent with the girl’s grandmother. Mary Alder (McKenna Grace) is seven, and her uncle Frank (Chris Evans), who services boats for a living, is […]

The spiritual director

By the Rev Dr Liz Hoare   Lift up your heads, O gates! And lift them up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in, (Psalm 24:9). ‘U’ points us upwards in this ABC of spirituality. It reminds us to look up and that to be ‘upright’ in Old Testament terminology is […]

Sunday service

3rd Sunday after Trinity (Proper 8) — Sunday 2nd July 2017   Jeremiah 28:5-9 Romans 6:12-23 Matthew 10:40-42   Over the summer we are following a lectionary series in Romans 5-11.Today we come to the second half of Romans chapter 6. In his famous work On the Freedom of a Christian, Martin Luther wrote that:“A […]

Christianity frozen out of the public forum

Tim Farron’s resignation from the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party is another, and very shocking, indicator of how deep the chill factor against traditional Christianity is becoming in the UK, and how deeply institutionalised this has become. A traditional Christian can seemingly no longer hold the high offices of state. Prime Minister Theresa May […]

The divisions in society are laid bare

By Andrew Carey   The attack in Finsbury Park on Muslim worshippers earlier this week is a wake-up call to Britons that our discourse has become divisive and irrational. I fear that the fractiousness, intolerance and despair around us will lead to violence this summer. There are signals of unrest in the small-scale violence that […]

Learning from the parable of Tim Farron

Learning from the parable of Tim Farron

By Rev Andrew Symes   The Church often seems keen to skate over — or even deny — what it really believes, in an effort to be taken seriously. Do we have something to learn from recent political events? Tim Farron, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has been seen by most people as a […]

How to be a Christian and a progressive politician

by Stephen Beer   Tim Farron announced his resignation just days after a General Election in which the Liberal Democrats increased their number of seats but suffered from a rise in support for the Conservative and Labour parties. Mr Farron said that the media focus on his faith meant: “I have found myself torn between […]

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