Rescuing the United Nations from the United States

By Alan Storkey Amazingly few Christians see their faith as transforming world politics. Any thorough biblical reading has to see God is bringing down empires of conquest, violence and slavery. The Gospel is to spread to every tribe and nation, ruling out conquest, establishing peace and the rule of God’s gentle law. It rules out […]

Protecting children from state propaganda

Radio 4’s programme Blame the Brain? offered an interesting summary of current science on the development of the human brain, and in particular the formation of the teenage brain. This is still in process of development until the age of 25, according to current research. Even 20 years ago, according to Sally Marlow of King’s […]

On the trail of the Seven Deadly Sins

On the trail of the Seven Deadly Sins

A Chat With Kenneth Baker   It may be more than 20 years since he stood down as an MP, but Kenneth Baker has not been resting on his laurels. He has already published a series of books and his latest is one whose subject has captured his attention since his time as an MP. […]

Brexit divisions are a sign of failure

Is Brexit Finished? Is the Conservative Party finished? Is the UK finished? Is the EU finished? These are some of the overwrought headlines and speculation that we have seen in social and mainstream media in recent days. Journalists, politicians and the chatterati love a good crisis but how was it that a change of treaty […]

Synod backs new recommendations on Cathedral management

GENERAL SYNOD welcomed the recommendations in the Report of the Cathedrals Working Group on Tuesday. The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Rev Viv Faull, explained in her introduction that ‘there is confusion in Cathedrals between the functions of governance and management’. Speaking in the debate, David Ison, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, explained that many […]

Synod welcomes nuclear proposal

GENERAL SYNOS passed a motion to welcome the 2017 UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and the clear signal it sends by a majority of UN Member States that nuclear weapons are both ‘dangerous and unnecessary’. Introducing the debate the Bishop of Chelmsford, the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell, reminded Synod that it had […]

Synod calls for a Royal Commission into NHS future

THE GOVERNMENT has been urged to establish a Royal Commission to consider how the UK’s health and social care needs might best be delivered and financed in the period to 2040. General Synod unanimously supported a motion brought by the Diocese of Carlisle, endorsing a House of Lords report on the future of the NHS. […]

Synod rebuffs call to divest from fossil fuel companies

GENERAL SYNOD rejected a proposal for the Church of England to divest from fossil-fuel companies by 2020. The Bishop of Oxford, introducing the amendment from his diocese, urged more urgency for divestment, explaining to Synod that that there is a growing community of churches and investors who believe that the National Investing Bodies’ (NIBs) current […]

Synod hears call for a bill to enshrine religious freedom in law

MEMBERS OF General Synod heard calls for a Parliamentary Bill to enshrine religious freedoms in the UK. One of the Private Member’sMotions for Synod Members to sign at the York sessions last weekend highlighted the need for such a Bill that would also contribute to protecting the free practice of all faiths globally. Sponsored by […]

£27 million for new churches

THE CHURCH of England is spending £27 million to create more than 100 new churches up and down the country. The new funding will focus on coastal areas, market towns and outer urban housing estates and was said to be a sign of the Church’s ‘confidence’ in its future. The Archbishop of Canterbury said: “The […]