Devoted to unity

    By Jon Tearne New Wine   In his influential book The Circle Maker Mark Batterson of the National Community Church in Washington DC opens with a story from the first century BC when the regions of Israel were experiencing a drought. A holy man named Honi (or Onias in Greek) drew a circle […]

The perfect storm facing UK charities

    By Jeremy Moodey   It’s confession time. I need to reveal, dear readers, that I have a dodgy past. For 15 years, prior to moving to the charity sector in 2009, I was a City investment banker. Please, don’t all boo and hiss at once. The irony is that I started, in 1994, […]

‘Margins to Mainstream’

  Phil Potter, Archbishops’ Missioner and team leader of Fresh Expressions, takes a look at the year ahead for the movement…   I arrived home recently to one of my wife’s regular cooking sessions with our young grandchildren, aged six and four. Imagine all the gooey sticky ingredients liberally splattered in places other than the […]

I said yes! A journey to faith in Taiwan

I said yes! A journey to faith in Taiwan

    During their time at St John’s University in Taipei, Taiwan, students’ lives are often changed forever. According to mission partner Catherine Lee, who works at St John’s, “many clergy in the diocese of Taiwan first became Christians here.” Catherine, who works in chaplaincy and leads English-learning groups at St John’s, asked one student, […]

Resolutely passionate

Resolutely passionate

  By Jayne Ozanne Accepting Evangelicals So what will your New Year’s Resolution be? Will you even bother I wonder? Why even think about it when you know you’ll just give them up after a few weeks and settle back down into old habits, which are as familiar as the time-worn Christmas carols you’ve just […]

Canterbury must fall??

Canterbury must fall??

By Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden The current debate about whether Oriel College should remove the statue of its major benefactor Cecil Rhodes has many lessons for the upcoming Primates’ gathering at Canterbury. A young African Rhodes scholar, benefitting from Rhodes’ legacy, wants the statue removed since it honours someone who from a 21st century […]

The rule of justice?

    By Peter Mullen   The Church of England has recently conducted a kangaroo court and pronounced the accused guilty without having produced any evidence for his guilt. This was an allegation of sexual abuse brought anonymously against George Bell, Bishop of Chichester from 1929 until his death in 1958. Of course, the deceased […]

Reviewing the managerial year that was 2015

    The Conservative Party’s surprise winning of a working majority in the May General Election has to feature large in any review of the year: the SNP ironically propelled Mr Cameron to power as the English voters took fright at a Miliband-Sturgeon coalition of the left. In Scotland however Nicola Sturgeon surged to more […]

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