Lambeth Mission Fellowship celebrates first year

The initiative to develop new “Doctors of the Church” from the global South in the Anglican Communion celebrated its first year with the inaugural lecture at Lambeth Palace by the project director, Bishop Graham Kings on July 13. Over 50 people attended the event, which included coffee before the lecture, wine afterwards and evensong in […]

Evangelicals say they have ‘no confidence’ in Shared Conversations process

A GROUP of 32 Synod members have written to express their lack of confidence in the Shared Conversations process. The letter, from conservative evangelicals to the College of Bishops, said: “Since the beginning of the regional conversations people from all traditions in the church have bemoaned the lack of serious engagement with the Scriptures. “Sadly, […]

The church’s role in post-Brexit Britain

Bob Mayo   Am I alone in having a new hidden self that I share only with a chosen few? I am a secret Brexiter among a sea of Remainers. I listen sympathetically to people as they tell me that Brexit was either a protest vote or one in which people did not understand the […]

CS Lewis legacy examined

CS Lewis legacy examined

CS Lewis’s ‘Mere Christianity’: A Biography George Marsden Princeton, hb, £16.95   Mere Apologetics Alister McGrath SPCK, pb, £9.99   When America’s InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Emerging Scholars Network ran a ‘Best Book of All Time’ competition in 2013 Mere Christianity made it to the finals where it was defeated by Augustine’s Confessions. George Marsden tells […]

‘Gender-fluid’ – God’s purpose in creation?

‘Gender-fluid’ – God’s purpose in creation?

By Rev Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream   One of the most amazing songs of worship ever composed is the “Te Deum laudamus”, so called because of the first words in Latin meaning “we praise you God”.  It contains in the BCP translation an unusual phrase celebrating Jesus’ humanity: “thou didst not abhor the virgin’s womb”. […]

Remain: the non-economic argument

Remain: the non-economic argument

      By Prof Stephen Holmes   Pretty much every serious forecaster suggests leaving the EU will cause a degree of damage to our economy. It will be perhaps 4 per cent smaller than otherwise, they suggest. This is not negligible: the 2008 global financial crash shrank the UK economy by 5.2 per cent, […]

Fighting poverty and building faith across Zambia

Anglican Life Mothers’ Union   Mothers’ Union members from Zambia and across the Province of the Church of Central Africa played a significant part in ensuring delegates such as Archbishop Justin Welby and Worldwide President of Mothers’ Union, Lynne Tembey, were welcomed to the Anglican Consultative Council meetings in Lusaka. But there’s more to the […]

Benjamin Sargent Latimer Trust   The socialist critique of education as a means of enforcing social cohesion by creating ‘useful’ citizens is beautifully summed up in the Pink Floyd song, Another Brick in the Wall. ‘We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control’. As the experience of children at school is likened […]

Can sexual ‘orientation’ change? Is it wrong to try?

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream   Living Out was launched in 2013 as a voice for a viewpoint not often heard at that time in the debate among Christians about homosexuality. It is led by a group of evangelical men, open about their own same-sex attraction, and committed to the authority of Scripture and conviction […]

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