A question of judgement

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven – Genesis 18:24 Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand – I Corinthians 10:8   I have listened to more than my share of fire […]

Are we sliding into a new totalitarianism?

Peter Mullen   When the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989, the poet CH Sisson said: “I can’t understand how we can rejoice over the end of this tyranny in the Soviet bloc when we’re building up something very much like it in Western Europe.” I recalled his words when I read the shocking […]

The Pope and the death penalty

Peter Mullen     Bertrand Russell said: “The chicken that gets used to being fed every day finally has its neck wrung.” This is a parable about the vanity of human expectations and it has a far wider application than that concerning chickens and their necks. For example, let us consider the papacy. The Pope […]

Why I am praying for Richard Dawkins

Following prayers for our Great National Atheist Richard Dawkins, the secularising hordes have taken to the streets in outrage to claim that this Christian solicitation is somehow “offensive” to the professor. This makes me want to pray for the mental health of the secularisers: “O God, may this congregation of unbelievers swiftly receive such powers […]

God, religion and belief

God, religion and belief

  By Peter Mullen In these darkening, backendish days it’s easy to let yourself get down in the dumps. What you need is some amusement, a little entertainment, some fun. And when it’s fun you’re looking for, you can’t beat The Guardian. Recently that blathering leftie rag read only by the chattering classes – sorry, […]

Handle with care…

Handle with care…

By Peter Mullen Someone at church said, “I’ve read some of your articles, Peter and what I’d like to know is this: are you a fundamentalist?” I felt as if I should reply, “Well, it’s a long story.” In fact, in the matter of Christian belief, it is necessary to be a fundamentalist but to […]

The problem of evil

The problem of evil

The shocking death toll following the earthquake in Nepal has prompted much theological punditry in the mass media, most of it rather unedifying. The so-called “problem of evil” is the football with which the occupants of what Karl Barth described as “the playground of the theologians” like to amuse themselves. It is a game that […]

The British Caliphate

Now here’s a strange thing: the media are usually obsessed with politics, but they’ve been very quiet ahead of the Clacton by-election to be held tomorrow. Why this odd neglect amounting almost to an aversion? It could be of course that the papers and the BBC are looking to their priorities and they would rather […]

Demonising the free markets

Peter Mullen It is dispiriting to observe both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church persisting in their irrational and uniformed criticisms of free markets. Leaders of both Churches have signalled their enthusiasm for the extreme left wing economist Thomas Piketty who believes that the answer to the perceived problem of “inequality” is […]