The British Caliphate

Now here’s a strange thing: the media are usually obsessed with politics, but they’ve been very quiet ahead of the Clacton by-election to be held tomorrow. Why this odd neglect amounting almost to an aversion? It could be of course that the papers and the BBC are looking to their priorities and they would rather […]

Demonising the free markets

Peter Mullen It is dispiriting to observe both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church persisting in their irrational and uniformed criticisms of free markets. Leaders of both Churches have signalled their enthusiasm for the extreme left wing economist Thomas Piketty who believes that the answer to the perceived problem of “inequality” is […]

Pope Francis on non-believers

Pope Francis on non-believers

When it comes to the succeeding of Pope Benedict by Pope Francis, it is becoming clearer by the minute that what we have gained in image-presentation and sound-bites we have lost in mental acuity and theological clarity. Pope Francis’ recent pronouncement about God, non-believers and their consciences is, to say the least, a confused mess. […]

Unfracked priests

Unfracked priests

The Diocese of Blackburn has produced a leaflet that declares (falsely, of course) that “Fracking presents a choice between economic gain and a healthy environment.” They add: “The time we spend thinking, praying and acting now to protect our drinking water and the rest of God’s glorious creation cannot compare with the time succeeding generations […]

All you need is love – and the Ten Commandments

All you need is love – and the Ten Commandments

  We should sympathise with the Archbishop of Canterbury in his embarrassment over the payday loans affair. First we had his bullish statement that the church was going to put Wonga out of business, without incidentally offering any loans itself; and then the hilarious (Well, you’ve got to laugh!) discovery that the Church Commissioners hold […]

Have A Heart

Have a Heart Every morning Radio Four presents news and current affairs in The Toady Programme and between 7.30 and 8.00 there are two regular three-minutes “slots.” One is called Thoughtless Today in which, according to the canons of “diversity,” secularised representatives of all religions and none come on to give us their preferred denomination’s […]

Dead Bored Spies

Dead Bored Spies An unprecedented number of American spies have dropped dead. I read the full report, thinking the cause of this misfortune might be the subtle poisons administered to them by their enemies in foreign agencies, by renegade Maoists or Al Q’aeda. Or perhaps it was owing to their risky lifestyle: too many Martinis […]

Temple Prostitutes

Temple Prostitutes How am I supposed to write entertaining satirical articles when reality is too daft to laugh at? The Reverend Ian Gregory beats me every time. But Mr Gregory is no rival satirist. He’s completely serious – unfortunately. Here comes Mr Gregory then: “When people are dying, the Bible with its theme of judgement […]

Girl Guides Drop God

The Girl Guides have dropped God. The Guide Promise about duty to God was amended in 1994 in case “duty” might be construed as too onerous and carry unfortunate connotations of responsibility. Thereafter, they promised they would love God instead. Now God has gone and love with him/her. Traditionalists will be pleased to know that […]

Here Be Devils

Thank goodness Stephen Fry failed in his last year’s suicide attempt. Just think how insufferable his boasting would have been had he succeeded. When a comedian attempts suicide, the instinct is inevitably to try to lighten the awfulness with an awful joke; but our first and overwhelming response to Fry should be sympathy. Over forty […]