CD Choice: Santana – Santana IV

(Santana IV Records) Such a simple title, but it says so much. Of course this is not Santana’s fourth release – it is actually the 23rd – but it does reprise the original line-up for the first time in 45 years, when they recorded the platinum-selling Santana III before imploding with success. This reunion succeeds […]

CD Choice: Talisco – Run

(Believe Digital) The bookies were better at gauging public opinion than the pollsters pre-Brexit, and advertisers have a similar nous when it comes to choosing music to back a TV ad. Sometimes it is a proven classic, but when the budget is tighter, they can find an up-and-coming talent that creates the right mood. Toyota […]

CD Choice: Philippa Hanna – Speed of Light

 (Resound Media) I confess that I was not expecting much from this disc, given Hanna’s early work, which always struck me as bland and forgettable. But on this album, she has matured tremendously and there is much to enjoy. The biggest factor is probably recording in Nashville and co-writing each of the songs (except for […]

CD Choice: Rick Wakeman – Starship Trooper

(Purple Pyramid) Rick Wakeman is one of the most talented keys players of the last few decades, and possibly the most loved. His band work with Yes and his session work on tracks like Bowie’s “Space Oddity” are irreplaceable. Yet his solo work has been highly inconsistent, peaking with both the original and re-worked live […]

Prize-winning film released on DVD

Prize-winning film released on DVD

The Club won the 2015 Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival this year and will be released on DVD on Monday.   Critically acclaimed Director Pablo Larraín is best known for Tony Manero (2008), Post-mortem (2010), and Oscar-nominated No (2012) starring Gael García Bernal which was released to great critical […]

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