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The Church of England Newspaper is looking for interesting stories. Why not tell us what is going on in your church or diocese? You can either tell your story yourself or simply e-mail us with the details and one of our reporters will follow up the stories that we think might make it into the newspaper.

You can tell us about anything: parish news, interesting photographs, or forthcoming events. Let us know and they could soon appear here on our website or in the print edition of the newspaper.

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  3. donald black   17/02/2016 at 13:34

    the Dublin government has passed a decree ordering the church of Ireland to keep their 6 church’s and cathedral closed on easter sunday in Dublin and make other arrangements because of the hundredth anniversary of their easter uprising.
    you can get all the details in northern irelands paper ‘the newsletter’

  4. Cosmo Anayiotos   04/06/2017 at 11:10

    This is just an observation
    According to Jeremy Corbyn our schools are in crisis, NHS is in crisis the police in crisis, social services in crisis….. in fact everything under the sun seems to be about to collapse under its own weight and the sky should fall in any minute now.
    Very negative indeed.
    Thing is there is a record number of our kids going to university. Crisis what crisis ?

    The Manchester suicide bomber made quite a mess, killed…no murdered lots of people and changed the lives of so many, it’s difficult to imagine such atrocity.
    But the NHS kicked in instantly. Those boy and girls patched up cleaned up saved lives and did exactly what it says on the tin. They even saved my life. Never once did they flinch at the £250,000 it cost to save my neck. Had no idea I was worth that much. Our NHS really is probably the best piece of kit this country has. To the envy of the whole world.
    Crisis what crisis were you referring to Jeremy? Because I’m lost !!

    The Police have technology. Sorry to say this but that is very useful. We don’t need thousands of policemen parading the streets when we have millions of cameras watching tirelessly 24 hours 7 days a week. Including bank holidays and Christmas. What would be the point? And soon our boys and girls in blue will get even more technology. They already watch us from the sky, on the motorways, on our phones, what we say, what we text.
    Again, I have to ask, what, where is this crisis? what crisis????? I really can’t see it.

    I’m a pensioner. Retired. Olde Git. Licenced to do whatever I want. I personally don’t care about the winter fuel allowance, bus pass or free TV license. I’m pleased to say I’m not one to rely on anyone….yet, but experience has taught me that there are those that do rely heavily on others. And such people do get the help they need. I have never seen anyone go without in this country. Unless they made that life choice.
    At the age of 40 I was homeless. I could have stayed homeless. But I chose to change my life around. Now I don’t have a problem.

    There is a fundamental difference between the Labour team and the Tory team which needs to be thoroughly understood;
    Labour will only allow you one fish. What you do with that one fish is your business but that is all you get.
    If you have one hundred fish in the freezer you will be tortured. Because you have more.

    Tory, on the other hand, give you a fishing rod with the following instructions.
    It you take one fish you keep it. Take two and you can keep that as well. But if you take 3 fish, the third one is for us to pay for the services you get. Keep the 4th fish and 5th but the 6th fish is also ours.
    “ how many fish can I take ?”
    As many as you wish but understand one third is ours.
    “ how many rods can I have ?”
    As many as you can afford. And they are all tax deductible.
    What’s not to like with this win win win situation. This system works better for everyone.
    Afteral every fishing rod will need a fisherman employed to look after it. And he gets fish too.

    Regards C Anayiotos
    16 Poltair Road St Austell Cornwall


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