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  1. Jayni   01/09/2015 at 22:50

    Please could you take a look at brand new children’s Christmas carol book and audio CD of the carol. Not only does this delightfully tell the Christmas story through beautiful words music and art, it embraces the true meaning of the nativity in a world full of Christmas books with unusual and varied subjects.

    The book contains the words of the carol and is a fully illustrated hardback and the carol is the narrative of the book. By design, it also a teaching aid for children with reading difficulties. The music is on the CD and there is a sing together page with words music and guitar chords.

    Please click on the link and watch our trailer at

    I am the songwriter and Lucea Eldemire the illustrator, and we have been given a unique opportunity by Britains Next Best Seller to get published, with support and help our book will be out to shops for mid November and we can further delight a wider children’s audience with the true Christmas message.

    Be warned, the song is pretty catchy!

    The book and CD will retail at £14.99, and the first 350 orders can have their name in the sponsor page, and also know that they have given this project its wings.

    We have to reach this target to get our publishing deal, and we have three weeks and 6 more days to gain another 200 pre-orders.

    If you are not able to support it with pre-orders, we would be delighted to have an editorial, please could you let me know ASAP as the clock is ticking towards our deadline.

    kindest regards

    Jayni Tremaine


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