Australia unhappy with Islam

Islam is not a religion of peace in the minds of the majority of Australians, a survey conducted on behalf of the Q Society of Australia reports. The survey undertaken by Roy Morgan Research Ltd shows indicates a majority of Australians believe the assimilation of Muslim immigrants is not working as 70 per cent believe […]

Gov-Gen backs gay marriage/republic for Australia

Governor-General Quentin Bryce has endorsed gay marriage and a republican form of government for Australia. Appointed Australia’s first female governor-general in 2008 by then Labor Party Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Mrs. Bryce, the former governor of Queensland, stated on 22 November 2013 in a lecture delivered in Sydney that she hoped Australia would become a […]

Doping scandal rocks Australian sport

A report released last week by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) that found “widespread” use of performance enhancing drugs by athletes, match-fixing and links between sport and organized crime has prompted the Anglican Church to call for a ban on sports gambling. On 8 Feb 2013 Bishop Phillip Huggins, chairman of the Diocese of Melbourne […]

Call for Royal Commission on child abuse in Australia

Anglican leaders in Australia have welcomed Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s creation of a national Royal Commission to investigate institutional responses to instances of child sexual abuse. “The Diocese of Sydney expresses its unqualified abhorrence of child abuse, wherever it occurs,” Archbishop Peter Jensen said on 12 November 2012. “While the terms of reference have yet […]

Australia rejects gay marriage

The Australian parliament has rejected gay marriage. On 19 September 2012 the House of Representatives rejected the private members bill by a vote of 98 to 42. Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition Conservative leader Tony Abbott voted against the bill. The Archbishop of Sydney welcomed the vote, rejecting claims made by its supporters […]

Australian church apology for forced adoptions

The Diocese of Brisbane has offered its apology to those harmed by forced adoptions. The diocese “sincerely apologises to the mothers, fathers and babies, now adults, who have experienced hurt, distress and harm as a result of past forced adoption practices in homes which operated in the name of the Church. We are aware that […]

Australia’s asylum policy ‘un-Christian’

Church leaders in Australia have voiced objections to new legislation to regulate entry of asylum seekers and control illegal immigration. The Archbishop of Adelaide, Dr. Jeffrey Driver – the chairman of the Anglican Church of Australia’s Refugee and Migrant Network – said he welcomed some of the reforms, but was perturbed by the underlying philosophy […]

Archbishops’ ‘no’ to gay marriage in Australia

The Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox archbishops of Sydney have urged Christians to reject gay marriage. The “revolutionary re-definition” of maarriage was not “inevitable”, Dr. Peter Jensen said in his 17 June 2012 letter, but those “who wish to stand for marriage, as instituted by God, would thoughtfully and courteously let their views be known […]

Bishop denounces govt u-turn on gambling reform

Church leaders in Australia have denounced Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s u-turn on poker gambling machines, saying her decision to back away from plans to tighten regulations on “pokies” was a “serious moral” failing that would sapped the people’s trust in government. The chairman of the Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee, Bishop Philip Huggins said the […]

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