Anglicans return to the shrine of Bernard Mizeki

Five years after breakaway Bishop Nolbert Kunonga banned Anglicans from worshipping in the churches of the Diocese of Harare, over 25,000 pilgrims returned to the shrine of Bernard Mizeki for a two-day service in Marondera, Zimbabwe. “The rightful people who deserve to be at this shrine are gathered here today,” The Bishop of Harare, the […]

Harare Cathedral reconsecrated

The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to Bishop Chad Gandiya and the Diocese of Harare offering his heartfelt congratulations upon their return to their churches after five years of exile. “You have faced threats of violence and arrest and yet your faith has not weakened, rather it has grown stronger,” Dr. Williams wrote on 17 […]

Court throws Dr Kunonga out of Zimbabwe’s churches

A three-judge panel of the Zimbabwe Supreme Court has held the properties of the Diocese of Harare belong to the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) and are to be administered by the Bishop of Harare, Dr. Chad Gandiya. Supreme Court Judge Yunus Omerjee on 19 Nov 2012 dismissed the claims made by […]

Supreme Court loss for Dr Kunonga

The Harare Supreme Court has handed breakaway bishop Dr. Nolbert Kunonga and his allies a defeat in their bid to take control of Anglican church properties in Zimbabwe. On 22 Oct 2012 the country’s high court heard the seven cases brought by and against the former bishop of Harare in his bid over control of […]

Supreme Court to hear Kunonga complaint

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe has set a court date to adjudicate who is the lawful owner of the Diocese of Harare’s properties.  In an email to the Church of England Newspaper, Harare Bishop Chad Gandiya reported “the Supreme Court hearing will take place from the 22 October 2012 and will last that week.” Following his […]

Harare bishop arrested for holding confirmation service

A clergy wives’ conference has been cancelled following intervention by the Zimbabwe secret police. On 13 January 2012 the Diocese of Harare was contacted by the management of the Jamaica Inn, a hotel/conference centre outside Harare, informing Bishop Chad Gandiya that agents of the CIO had visited the Inn the night.  The manager reported that […]

Police preemptive strike against Zimbabwe Anglicans

The Zimbabwe police broke up a clergy conference held by the Anglican Dioceses of Harare and Manicaland last week in order to prevent supporters of breakaway bishop Dr Nolbert Kunonga from breaking up the meeting. A police spokesman said the raid on the Anglican clergy conference was a “proactive” measure, taken to prevent a breach […]

Clergy conference raided by police in Zimbabwe

Police in Zimbabwe have raided a clergy retreat conducted by the Dioceses of Harare and Manicaland saying the gathering of 80 priests was an unlawful assembly that breached the Public Order and Security Act. In an email sent to supporters abroad, Bishop Chad Gandiya reported that the security services had ordered the clergy to disperse, […]