Music Choice: The Brilliance – All is Not Lost

(Integrity Music) Yet again, the Brilliance have offered us a wonderful collection that is simple, inventive, understated, and a fine example of how to do worship music well. Take “Gravity of Love.” It is singable and short. But within that, they manage lyrically to be both eternal and twenty-first century. They will please those who […]

Music Choice: Future of Forestry – Awakened to the Sound

(Sound Swan Records) If Eric Owyoung (the man behind FoF) is looking for soundtrack commissions, he could do worse than submit this collection, which mixes lush strings, oriental splashes and a dash of Isaiah. It almost sums up his musical direction. It starts with several songs that could have fitted well into his superb Travel […]

Music Choice: Iro Haarla – Ante Lucem

(ECM) Jazz quintet and symphony orchestra is a rare combination, but it works. The orchestra acts almost as a keys player in a rock band: an intrinsic part of the operation that can support with backing washes, interplay with other members of the band, or feature up front. In her liner notes, pianist/harpist Haarla says […]

Music (and App) Choice: Andy Hunter – Presence

From his excellent début CD Exodus onwards, Hunter’s technical prowess and musical sensitivity have set him apart from the pack. I know of no one in Britain – or even America – who can touch him  when it comes to creating excellent Christian dance music. His sound is so accessible and addictive that it appeals […]

Small Screen Selection: Things to Come

(Curzon Artificial Eye) Parisian philosophy teacher Nathalie (Isabelle Huppert) is at a fairly stable time in her life. She loves her job and her late teenage children, and has the satisfaction of knowing that her teaching work inspires her students. But not everything is plain sailing. Her eccentric, manipulative mother is ageing and demanding; and […]

Small Screen Selection: The Commitments, 25th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

Small Screen Selection: The Commitments, 25th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

(RLJ Entertainments) Some might say that Alan Parker’s The Commitments is just a movie about trying to put together “the world’s hardest working band,” but it is so much more than that. Roddy Doyle’s original story, full of Irish wit, is tremendous entertainment. Self-styled manager Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Atkins) places an ad in a Dublin […]

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