General Election appeal for peace in Kenya

Church leaders in Kenya have called upon voters to reject politicians soliciting support by appeals to religious enmity and ethnic hatred and vote for the candidates that can best serve the needs of a united country. On 7 Feb 2013 the Standing Committee and House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Kenya released a […]

New suspects in Kenya church bombing

Greed, not terrorism, may have been the motive for last month’s Nairobi church bombing, the Bishop of Nairobi reports. Speaking at the 10 Oct 2012 funeral of one of the victims in the attack, Bishop Joel Waweru said a dispute over the ownership of the church’s land may have been the cause of the crime. […]

Kenyan church call for tax cuts

Tax cuts, prayer, and efficient government were among the chief topics of the Anglican Church of Kenya’s provincial synod last month. Meeting at the All Saints’ Cathedral Trinity Centre on 30 Sept 2011, the synod released a pastoral letter under the signature of the Archbishop of Kenya Dr. Eliud Wabukala that touched upon a series […]

Nairobi slum fire kills 119

The Archbishop of Kenya has been tapped by the Government of Kenya to lead an ecumenical prayer service for the victims of last week’s Sinai slum fire. On 12 September a gas pipeline exploded in Lunga Lunga, an industrial area in Northern Nairobi that has also become home to over 100,000 squatters . Energy Minister […]

Gafcon elects Archbishop of Kenya as its new chairman

The Archbishop of Kenya, Dr Eliud Wabukala, has been elected chairman of the Gafcon primates’ council at a meeting of archbishops in Nairobi. In a statement released on 28 April, the new leader of the global Anglican reform movement said he was honoured by the trust given him by his colleagues. “I recognise that we […]

Kenyan call to combat the “vice” of corruption

New dioceses, a new university and concerns over government corruption and political wrangling topped the bill of the Anglican Church of Kenya’s standing committee meeting last month in Nairobi. Meeting from March 2-3 at All Saints Cathedral, the standing committee began work on a ten year plan for the church taking as its slogan, ‘Together […]

Tribal violence fears in Kenya in wake of ICC indictments

Church leaders in Kenya have called for calm in the wake of an International Criminal Court prosecutor’s call for the indictment on charges of “crimes against humanity” of six Kenyan political leaders. On Dec 15, Luis Moreno Ocampo asked the court in The Hague to charge former higher education minister William Ruto, Minister for Industrialization […]