International news briefs August 15, 2014

The primate of the Church of Nigeria has directed congregations to suspend the exchange of peace during the Eucharist service in order to halt the transmission of the Ebola virus. In a statement released on 10 August 2014, the Church of Nigeria press office said Archbishop Nicholas Okoh had suspended “the shaking of hands during […]

Overseas news briefs May 16, 2014

Bishop Gene Robinson has announced that he is divorcing his spouse Mark Andrew. In a column printed in the Daily Beast on 3 Mary 2014, Bishop Robinson stated: “Recently, my partner and husband of 25-plus years and I decided to get divorced. While the details of our situation will remain appropriately private, I am seeking […]

Nigerian church support for sodomy laws

Faith leaders in Nigeria have unanimously applauded the revisions to the country’s sodomy law, and have denounced as imperialist, racist and condescending Western pressure to change the country’s attitude towards homosexuality. Leaders of the Muslim community as well as the head of the country’s Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches applauded President Goodluck Jonathan for signing […]

Corruption killing Nigeria, Akinola warns

Corruption is killing Nigeria, Archbishop Peter Akinola said last week, warning the future of Africa’s largest nation was bleak unless the government and the people of Nigeria fought back. Speaking to reporters at his home on 13 August 2013, the former Primate of All-Nigeria said “for Nigeria, the endemic corruption constitutes a huge challenge and […]

Soft judges encourage crime, Archbishop warns

A two year prison term or an option of paying a fine of £3000 for stealing £9.3 million from the Nigerian Police Pension Fund was an invitation to politicians to steal, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh told members of the Church of Nigeria Standing Committee in Benin City last week. On 6 Feb 2013 Archbishop Okoh said […]

Justin Welby joins Tony Blair in Nigerian launch of inter-faith youth dialogue

The Archbishop of Canterbury-designate has joined Tony Blair and Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan in launching an inter-faith initiative in Nigeria to promote reconciliation between Christians and Muslims. On 22 Nov 2012, Bishop Justin Welby took part in the conference in Abuja organized by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that brought Christian and Muslim […]

Terror attack at base chapel in Nigeria

Terrorists have attacked the base chapel at the Nigerian Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC) in Jaji in Kaduna State, killing an undisclosed number of people.  While no group so far has claimed responsibility, the twin suicide attacks follows a campaign of bombings and shootings mounted by the Islamist Boko Haram terror group, which […]

Famine fears for Nigeria

The Bishop of the Church of Nigeria’s On the Niger Diocese has warned his countryman to prepare for famine in the coming year in the wake of last month’s flooding of the Niger River from unseasonal monsoon rains. Speaking at a memorial service on 14 Oct 2012 at All Saints Cathedral Onitsha, Bishop Owen Dozie […]

“Don’t print money, fix the economy” Archbishop says

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria has criticized his government for seeking to address the country’s fiscal crisis by printing higher denomination bank notes. Speaking after the consecration of the new Bishop of Ifo the Rt. Rev. Nathaniel Oladejo Ogundipe, on 8 Sept 2012, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh said he was unpersuaded by the […]

Boko Haram violence a threat to the “Nigerian project”

The Archbishop of Nigeria has called upon the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to stop the drift towards anarchy as more Christians were killed last week by Islamist terrorists.  Attacks on churches and Christians were reported across Northern and Central Nigeria, with 19 worshipers attending a Pentecostal service in Okene in the central Kogi state […]

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