Overseas news briefs April 11, 2014

The Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) has launched a $120 million dollar campaign to build a technical college outside of Harare. At a dinner held on 2 April 2014 at the Meikles Hotel, Dr. Chad Gandiya the Bishop of Harare, announced the start of a 25-year campaign to build a university for […]

Pakistan terror trial in danger of collapse

The trial of two men accused of murdering a Pakistani government minister is in danger of collapsing, after key witnesses fled the country in fear for their lives. The sole Christian cabinet minister in Prime Minister Yousaf Gillani’s government, Shahbaz Bhatti was assassinated outside his home in Islamabad in March 2011. Two gunmen sprayed the […]

Appeal from Pakistan to rebuild St Paul’s Mardan

Bishop Peter Majeed has issued an appeal for assistance to rebuild St Paul’s Church in Mardan. The “church, bishop’s house, diocesan center, priest’s houses, principal’s house, library and school” were damaged in the attack on 21 Sept 2012, the Lutheran bishop reported. “This was the third time in two years that the church and my […]

No proof of blasphemy in the Rimsha Masih case

A police investigator has testified that there is no evidence that Rimsha Masih, the 11-year old Christian girl with Downs Syndrome, violated Pakistan’s blasphemy code. On 16 August Rimsha was taken into custody after she was accused of burning pages of the Koran.  The leader of mosque in Mehrabadi, a mixed Muslim-Christian neighborhood outside Islamabad, […]

Rimsha bailed on blasphemy charges

Rimsha Masih, the mentally disabled Christian girl jailed for blasphemy in Islamabad has been released from prison on bail. She was freed on 7 September 2012 followed a statement made by Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik to the senate that his investigation revealed the girl had not left her home on the day she was […]

Pak govt underfire for ordering church demolition

Christian leaders have denounced the seizure and demolition by the Punjab government of a two acre site in Lahore that housed a church, a women’s shelter, and seven homes. The Punjab government has defended its destruction of the properties saying it acquired the land after one of the residents at the shelter announced her conversion […]

Text message ban for Pakistan questioned

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has retreated from its proposal to ban obscene words and phrases offensive to Islam from text messages. A PTA spokesman told Agence France-Presse that it would review its proposed list of 1600 forbidden words that include “Jesus Christ” before issuing the ban. Last week the PTA informed SMS providers in […]

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