Church construction banned in the Sudan

Sudan’s Minister of Guidance and Endowments, Al-Fatih Taj al-Sir, has told the country’s Parliament the government will not permit the construction of new Christian churches in the country, but said that freedom of religion would be protected under the country’s Islamic Constitution. On 17 April 2013 the government minister said that no new churches had […]

Sudan Archbishop to broker peace talks

The Archbishop of the Sudan, Daniel Deng, has offered to negotiate between the South Sudan government and rebel leader David Yau Yau to end the fighting in Jonglei state A former Anglican seminarian, David Yau Yau has emerged as the head of rebel militia at war with South Sudan’s ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement [SPLM]. […]

Outrage over church demolitions in the Sudan

The Sudanese government has demolished an Anglican Church in Khartoum, claiming that as all South Sudanese have been ordered to leave the country, there is no need for any Christian churches in Khartoum. On 18 June 2012 Khartoum police ordered all South Sudanese to leave the Khartoum suburb of Haj Yousif within 72 hours and […]

Bishops plea for peace in the Sudan

The Anglican and Roman Catholic bishops of South Sudan, joined by the Archbishop of York, have issued a statement saying they “stand committed” to stop the outbreak of fighting between Sudan and South Sudan. On 2 May 2012 the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution demanding that the two countries cease hostilities within 48 […]

Sudan Synod plea to stop the fighting

The General Synod of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) has called for an end to the government campaign of terror waged against civilians. Meeting at All Saints Cathedral in Juba from 13-16 November 2011, the ECS Ninth General Synod denounced the war along the border between north and south Sudan as well as […]

Sharia law for the Sudan

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has announced that the Sudan will become Africa’s first theocracy and will give state sanction to Sharia law. In a 12 Oct 2011 speech to university students in Khartoum, President al-Bashir stated: “Ninety-eight percent of the people are Muslims and the new constitution will reflect this. The official religion will be […]

Sudanese bishop seeks asylum in the US

The Bishop of Kadugli in Sudan’s South Kordofan province has applied for political asylum in the United States. The Rt Rev Andudu Adam Elnail’s application for sanctuary comes amidst a renewed outbreak of fighting on the border between North and South Sudan. On 5 September, the IRIN news agency reported that fighting had broken out […]

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