Boost for streaming service

A CHRISTIAN streaming service has seen its subscribers shoot up by 150 per cent over the last six months.

The New Faith Network was launched in the UK and Ireland at the end of last year. The brainchild of broadcasting veteran Henk Bout, his vision was to bring faith and family-friendly productions to the marketplace in a new way. Since it originally launched it has grown by over 100 per cent year on year, but the new rise has been welcomed by the organisers.

New Faith Network’s content catalogue boats the largest collection of Christian films, series and original productions, while other mainstream platforms only have a handful of Christian titles. In the Netherlands, the catalogue has grown to just under 1,000 titles (doubling since launch) and in the UK and Ireland the number has also doubled since launch. 

A spokesman said that more supported viewing methods, mobile apps, as well as the increase in content has meant consistent growth in viewing time; and viewing patterns and lengths are similar on New Faith Network to other subscription video platforms. They expect new smart apps to be available in the UK and Ireland at the end of the year and they will be second, to the Netherlands, to offer original content. 

Henk Bout, the founder of the New Faith Network, said: “Our subscriber numbers have increased every year because there is a growing demand by the Christian community for this type of content. We listen and respond to their needs by offering more titles, being more innovative and continually improving our service. Our opportunity to grow has been supported by our strong bonds with local and international partners.” 

He believes that his new service is a better alternative to other more mainstream streaming services for Christian viewers because it has been tailored to fit their requirements – selected, created and curated with Christian values in mind and connected to their beliefs. “The content gives parents a sense of security and reassurance and unites world religions, regardless of differing viewpoints.” 

Having expanded to five markets already, he said there is a ‘strong drive’ to further expand across Europe (and beyond) reaching Christians in as many countries as possible.

He wants to build the catalogue of titles across all markets with the addition of more original content and more self-produced material (particularly from UK and Irish viewers) offering a multi-faceted platform with local support. 

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