Bishop calls for ‘climate justice’ at G7

Bishop calls for ‘climate justice’ at G7

The church was behind the curve on climate change but is now catching up, claims the Bishop of St Germans, Hugh Nelson, in the Diocese of Truro who is leading a
group of young Anglicans to protest at the G7 summit this week in Cornwall.

He argued that three years after the Extinction Rebellion, “climate justice isn’t just on our agenda, it’s at the very top.”

“I have known for a long time that the environment was in trouble; that climate change was a serious threat to our future,” he said.

“But, if I’m honest, it wasn’t high on my priority list. I didn’t preach on it, our church wasn’t much engaged in it and when we made decisions, other issues were more significant.”

“I’m sorry to say that the church hasn’t led the way in this discussion. In fact, we’ve been behind the curve for many years. But that’s changing. I want to join our young people in encouraging everyone in the Christian community to cherish and care for the creation that they’re responsible for – whether it’s their back garden, the community playground or their local countryside. And in the church, we are committed to cutting carbon to net zero by 2030, to using our voices to speak prophetically and to moving towards a more balanced relationship with the earth and resources.”


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