New bishop to the troops

New bishop to the troops

The Bishop of St Germans, Hugh Nelson, has been licensed as Bishop to the Armed Forces.

Bishop Hugh is taking over from Bishop Tim Thornton, Bishop at Lambeth, who is retiring after four years in the post. This new post will be in addition to Bishop Hugh’s role as Bishop of St Germans in the Diocese of Truro.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “The work of military chaplains is crucial, and is widely recognised as such within the Armed Forces. They need our support and prayers, led by the Bishop to the Forces. Military personnel are confronted daily with deep and vital questions about being human, our relationships, our values and morals.

“There are no tidy answers to these, but chaplains can offer compassion – being alongside and resolutely with those asking these questions, and those experiencing pain or grief – and they can offer hope. Indeed, chaplains to the Forces embody something of the love of Jesus Christ, offered in every place and to all people. I know that Hugh will ensure he gets to know these chaplains and will work alongside them, as well as being a representative for the church in wider issues relating to the Forces.”



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